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Foundation Friends

Max and Suzanne Abercrombie
Acme Touch Printing
Adams Bank & Trust
Dennis and Fran Allacher
AmFirst Insurance Services
Kermit and Charlene Arterburn
Kristin Bailey
Baird Holm, LLP
Russell and Dorris Banzhaf
Diana Barcus
Randy and Kim Bauer
Ronald and Victoria Bauer
Chris and Peggy Beck
Chase and Lori Beeby
Kent and Peggy Been
Bill and Sharon Beiber
Kenneth and Joan Benes
Blake and Jodi Bethell
Lindsay and Lee Bissell
Shirley Blank
Sharon Bohling
Bradley and Julie Worman
Mary Brennan
George and Judie Briggs
Corey Brockway
Daniel and Gladys Brockway Family
Larry and Shirley Brooks
Deanna Brott
Lyle Brown
Dolyn and Barbara Brown
Roger and Patricia Brown
Joe Brown
James Brunke
Andrew and Shannon Bunger
Chuck and Gaylea Bunstock
Bill and Cori Burton
Judy and Michael Cacy
Gladys Calvin
Lois Mae Calvin
Darin Carfield
Stanley and Laneta Carlock
Carpenter Breland Funeral Home
Janelle and Charley Carter
Patrick and Melanie Cherry
Senator Mark and Kathy Christensen
Kristyn and Kris Clapp
Jim and Kristi Clapp
Steve and Lee Clapp
Kenneth and Margaret Cole
Common Scents
Marty and Joyce Conroy
Continental Western Group
Todd and Crystal Cook
Ronald and Lila Cook
Phyllis Coolidge
Cowboy Up Tack
Kent Craw
Chase and Karissa Crawford
Jeff and Beth Crick
Gabe and Melissa Critchfield
Bill and Lorie Crocker
Bruce and Candy Crosby
Mary Cuellar
Daniel and Cindy Curtis
Darren and Tana Dale
Branigan Dame
Jacquetta Davis
Debra J. Wilcox, CPA
Doak Construction
Joanne Dueland
Jesse and Rebecca Dutcher
Robert Ebert
Geneva Eckhardt
Darrell and K. C. Eckhardt
Economy Inn
Ed Thomas YMCA
Roy and Ellen Edmundson
David and Linda Ehmann
Douglas and Donna Eichten
Mark and Kathleen Eiler
Beverly Eiler
Barry Ellis
Kevin and Laura Erskine
Darren and Tyler Esch
Debbie and Jerome Escher
Steve and Christi Evans
Brian and Karen Fahrenbruch
Fairview Trading Co, LLC
Nicole Felker
Burt and Lisa Felker
Garry and Sharon Fisher
Mark and Glenda Fletcher
Jennifer and Dee Fortkamp
Lance and Bree Frazier
Francis and Jackie Friehe
Steve Fries
Mark and Holly Fritsche
Ronald and Zona Fritz
Bill and Cherri Fune
Monte and Molly Garcia
Lori Gates
Gateway Realty of McCook, Inc.
Delores Gettman
Roger and Karen Gilliand
Good Samaritan Hospital
Phil and Marilyn Goodenberger
Barbara Grafel
Douglas Grant
Bill and Sandy Graves
Jeff and Diana Gross
Raleigh and Kathleen Haas
Mary Haller
Sam and Ilene Haller
Robert and Wauneta Halsey
Ashley Hamilton
Norene Hamilton
Scott and Kris Hanchera
Hanchera Farms
Jeff and Sheila Hancock
Glenn and Judi Haney
Ike and Jan Harper
Daniel and Chelsey Hartwell
Yancey and Janell Hartzer
Jeff and Penny Hayward
Linda Hedges
Delores Henton
Ronald Hettinger
Roland and Linda Hilker
Brandi Hinson
Steven and Anita Hirsch
Hoehner Family
Bruce and Deb Hoffman
Brent and Debra Hofman
Pati and Greg Holthus
Robert and Virginia Horst
Gary and Kathy Housley
Ruth Houston
LaVonne Hudson
Dan and Roxanne Hurt
idea bank marketing
Jason and Laci Ingels
Janssen-Kool Honda
Jon and Carrie Johnson
Dorothy Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Darcie and Rick Johnson
Eileen and Steve Johnson
Eugene and Linda Jones
Rick and Nancy Judd
Cheri Kastens
Bob and Tammy Kerr
Steven and Sharon Kircher
Dr. Richard and Pam Klug
Ronald Koch
William Koetter
Tom and Cindy Kohmetscher
Aaron and Tamara Kolbet
Van and Janet Korell
Kip and Kristi Korell
Darlene Korf
Dave and Deb Korte
KRD Federal Credit Union
Fred and Nada Krotter
Diane Kugler
Mike and Dianne Kugler
Leon and Phyllis Kuhlen
James and Sharon Kummer
Brandon and Kim Kuykendall
L & B Johnson, PC
Stephanie and Doug Lambert
Robert and Becki Lampe
Leland and Vivian Land
Larry and Barbara Lauer
Law Offices of Stan Goodwin
Vicki League
Lois Lepper
Rick and Renee Lewis
Kendall Lienemann
Gale and Claudia Liess
Dan and Deb Lindstrom
Kyle and Laura Lines
Mike and Judea Loibl
Ted and Judy Long
Michael and Barbie Long
Jason and Valerie Loop
Gale and Rebecca Loop
Loop Brewing Company
Tim and Kathy Lord
Gary and Ruth Lucas
Dana Lucero
Bill and Sherry Lytle
Becky and Tracey Mai
Alice E. Marks
Sara Mashek
Stacey and Matt Matson
Dennis and Lorrie McCarville
Scott and Linda McConnell
Jason and Jenni McConville
McCook Abstract Company
McCook Cordials
McCook Daily Gazette
Bruce and Catherine McDowell
Megan McFarland
Walter and Brenda McGuire
Helen McNutt
Robert Meckfessel
Timothy and Ellen Meissner
Steve and Marlene Meitl
Chad and Jessica Meyer
Dr. Kevin and Shawna Michaelis
Michaelis Chiropractic Clinic
Mel and Jerry Miller
Patsy Miller
Roland and Jeannette Miller
Sue Miller
Brian and Sheryl Miller
Patrick and Pamela Minary
Roger and Susan Moreau
James Morell
Heather Morgan
Ryan and Kira Morthole
Riley and Karen Morthole
Nancy Mousel
Virginia Mowe
Colinda and Carmine Nappa
Kenneth and Jamie Nelson
Dennis and Cathy Nichols
Dennis and Marlene Noffsinger
Shirley Nothnagel
Charlotte Oberg
Jim and Kim O'Dea
Lloyd and Mary Ogorzolka
Robert and Connie Olsen
Don and Colleen Olson
Debra Orten-Jensen
John Osmus
Mindy Osterhaus
Rod and Marlyn Peters
Stephen and Jennifer Petersen
Terry and Chris Peterson
Elsie Petsch
Larry and Diane Pollmann
Robert Pollmann
Louise Pollmann
David and Karla Polly
Dale and Peggy Poore
Kathy and Ron Pursley
Bettye Pursley
Brian and Jodi Radel
Lynn and Judy Redmer
Krystal and Scott Reese
Jon and Angie Reiners
Griff and Fern Reiners
Republican River Valley Event Center
Lyn and Marcia Reynolds
Pat and Tony Rice
Larry and Janet Rich
Ted Rippen
Nancy Rippen
Jerry and Sara Rippen
Martha Roe
Melissa Rosenfelt
Robert and Mary Lou Ross
Theresa and Don Ruggles
Randy and Shirley Ryser
Jay and Kim Schilling
Richard and Judith Schlager
Nate and Sarah Schneider
Aaron and Sharon Schomberg
Dr. Mark and Mary Jo Serbousek
Brent and Kathy Shaffer
Leeland and Rose Shiers
Carol Sibley
Cal Siegfried
Don and Norma Sitzman
Peg and Lyle Smalley
Jeff and Julie Smith
Michael and Julie Smith
Ron and Kellie Soden
Tracy and Misti Soderlund
James and Bette Somers
Stagemeyer and Smith, P.C.
Randy and Janet Stalder
Dr. Rob and Gina Stamm
Debbie Stevens
Jack and Norma Stevens
Rocky and Carolyn Stone
Charles Stowers
Tom and Nanci Stritt
Barbara Surmin
Lori Sutton
Duane and Diana Tappe
Rick and Ann Teel
Kristen Tenopir
The Olson Group
Todd and Shariel Thieszen
Debra Tidwell
James and Daphne Tidyman
Norm and Sharon Timmerman
Judy Titman
Joel and Sarah Uerling
Bonnie Urling
Valmont Irrigation, Inc.
Jason and Kimberly VanPelt
Doug and Mary Vap
Gerald and Sherry Vap
Tom and Jerda Vickers
Larry and Carol Vlasin
Darryl and Denise Volquardsen
Chris and Annette Wagner
WalMart Super Center
Bob and Rita Waltemath
Walter Plumbing
William and Susan Weber
Otto and Vicky Weigel
Ken and Mary Wellman
Wells Fargo Bank
Jim and Pam Wesch
Dr. John and Cindy West
Gary and Barb Wiemers
Tom and Rebecca Wiemers
Lyle and Jean Wilcox
Adam and Julie Wilhelmson
Travis and Marie Wilkinson
Joe and Ranae Williams
James and Joyce Williams
David and Trisha Willis
Willow Ridge
Vernon and Jane Wilson
Bill and Kim Wilson
Marilyn and Terry Wilson
Darla Wilson
Evelyn Winters
Gary and Robin Wolvin
Jeff and Sharon Wordekemper
Betty Wortman
Carol Young
Elda Youngs