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Lorraine Varney-Caring Kind 1982

The ability to maintain a practical approach to life and also to apply it in 36 years of service to the medical profession takes a most remarkable person. Lorraine Varney is such a person. She performs her nursing duties in a calm, practical, professional manner even when the day presents the unusual. After spending her morning assisting in surgery, you may find Lorraine helping deliver a baby after lunch, and spending her afternoon in the emergency room. In this day of “specialists” and “modern technology” this is a rare gift.

Lorraine began her employment at Community Hospital as a part time staff nurse in May 1945, and went to full time employment in May 1953. She worked obstetrics, gold coast (the long term care wing), emergency room and surgery, becoming head nurse in December 1963. She was a big part of the move to the new hospital in July 1974 and was responsible for setting up the exchange cart system at that time. She became Assistant Director of nursing in January 1974 and is also our Operating Room Supervisor. Regardless of which position Lorraine was in, you could be guaranteed of a full days work.

A dedicated loyal employee who is always there when you need her. A “lady” who practices her nursing with a quiet gentleness and the knowledge of many years of service. A caring person who has given unselfishly of herself for others. This is Lorraine Varney our “Caring Kind”.

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