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Thelma Baumbach-Caring Kind 1980

Thelma Baumbach certainly goes beyond her duty—always takes the extra step beyond the responsibility of a switchboard operator. There are very few employees as dedicated as Thelma is. When it is really bad weather due to a snowstorm, she stays all night at the hospital so as to be sure the switchboard will be open as scheduled. Since becoming an employee of Community Hospital 27 years ago, she has worked virtually every weekend and holiday only had three Christmas’s off: therefore allowing others to be with their families.

Thelma keeps track of the visitors and children in the lobby, often babysitting with small infants while the mothers visit a patient.

She makes friends with the patients and family members and is often a calming stable factor in their lives. Thelma is truly the caring kind, always taking the time; no matter how busy she is, to listen to the people. Throughout the years she has shared many people’s sorrows as well as the joys. Many times former patients appreciate her so much they return to visit with her.

Thelma has had polio in the past but has never let this handicap stand in the way of her total dedication to her job. Her attendance is very good and through the years she has missed very little, a very dependable person.

Thelma is a member of the Peace Lutheran Church and served as the secretary-treasurer for over 30 years. Thelma Baumbach, a truly remarkable person with 27 years devoted to Community Hospital. We feel very fortunate to have such a fine example of the Caring Kind on our team.

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