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Thelma Walter-Caring Kind 1979

Thelma Walter has seen a lot of new folks arrive in McCook. For the past twenty-six years, Thelma has been on hand to greet new arrivals in the McCook Community Hospital’s delivery room. In recent years, Thelma has had the pleasure of delivering babies to young mothers she brought into this world at the start of her career, and when the new moms have questions on care, you can bet that the first person they come to is Thelma. Thelma has seen a lot of changes since she’s been at the McCook Community Hospital. Many were brought about at Thelma’s suggestion. Thanks to Thelma surgical patients can go home earlier, fathers can be present during birth and mothers can have their newborns in their room instead of in the nursery. It is well known around McCook the the TLC newborns receive at McCook Community Hospital starts with Thelma Walter. Thelma Walter, delivering the second generation. One of The Caring Kind working for you, in the Hospitals across Nebraska.

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