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New, Improved Harvest Cafe About to Reopen!

March 24, 2016

Harvest Café About to Reopen

The plans to expand and remodel the Harvest Café at Community Hospital have been in place for more than a year now.  This project has been in various stages of remodel, demolition, and construction since the outset.  This blog will contain a few pictures of the progress as of Friday the 18th of March.  First let me tell you a little bit about our journey to open our expanded and remodeled Harvest Café.

In order to expand the space in the Harvest Café we had to gain adjacent space.  The first step in this effort was to vacate two offices along the main hallway that runs East and West from the admissions desk past Administration and the Meadowlark meeting rooms.  In order to accomplish this the Human Resources department vacated their space down the hall to their new home around the corner next to Cardiac Rehab and across from Physical Therapy.  This freed up their previous space for Karen Kliment Thompson who then moved from her office in the main hallway to the space previously occupied by Human Resources once it was remodeled from two office spaces to one.  The office next to Karen was already unoccupied for the most part after the retirement of Doris Blume.  These two spaces were gutted and opened up to create space for the expanded café.  To create more space the existing bathroom just around the corner (East) from the admissions desk were remodeled and are now more efficient in size and thus also freed up space. At the same time, the existing walk in freezer in the Dietary department was moved to the North End of the Dietary department thus freeing up contiguous space to be used in the expansion efforts.  Finally, information systems had some telecommunications fiber that had to be moved from a phone closet that was right inside the previous entrance to the café.  This was no easy task and once the move was completed the room was torn down.  As you can see that is a lot of shuffling, demolition, and remodel to free up space for the new café. 

As with any construction project, this project had its own challenges including all of those mentioned earlier as well as a delay in receiving the cabinets and millwork.  Once the cabinetry and millwork arrived things kicked into high gear and we are currently on time for what was the final 6 weeks of the project.  During this time all of the flooring had been changed, ceiling grid put in with new ceiling tiles and lighting, and all new cabinetry and millwork resulting in a whole new tray line and storage. This final push also entailed the two final demolitions of the Cottonwood meeting room and the old gift shop space.  These two spaces reconstructed as a part of the café will enable us to greatly expand our seating capacity.  So here are some pictures of the progress to date:

As you can see, things have greatly changed and certainly coming together on this project.  According to both Blake Bethel, Maintenance Director, and Pat Tuller, Dietary Director, the project is scheduled to be completed by March 31st and open for business by April 4th.  The benefits of this expanded and remodeled Harvest Café can be summarized as follows:

  • More handicap accessibility
  • More seating
  • More food selections
  • Better lighting
  • Better traffic flow (with an entrance on the North side and exit on the West side)

Just a few more weeks and we can enjoy the long awaited improvement to the Harvest Café.  I am sure that it will be worth the wait for our Community Hospital healthcare team, medical staff, and the patients and families we care for each and every day.

Until next time…

James P. Ulrich, Jr.

President and CEO


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