Giving Areas

Community Hospital Health Foundation raises funds for projects and programs through Community Hospital. Our Board of Directors guide us in decisions regarding fund distribution that will provide the greatest impact and be the most beneficial for the people in our region.

You may give a gift to one or more of the following focus areas:

Greatest Need – Gifts for the emerging needs of Community Hospital determined through strategic planning.

Scholarships – Healthcare scholarships assist in “growing our own” healthcare providers.

Hospice – Gifts support the work of the hospice team providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for patients and their families in our region.

Equipment - Provides funding for equipment needs that might not be met by hospital revenue.

Endowment Funds – Gifts of any size can be added to the general endowment fund. Earnings from the endowment fund give flexibility in meeting the ever-changing healthcare needs of the community, now and for future generations.

Named Endowments - Gifts given to establish a named endowment in memory or honor of a loved one. (A minimum of $10,000 is required to establish a named fund.)

Other - Contact us to assist you in directing your gift to other areas.