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Memorials and Honorariums

January 1, 2015 through March 31, 2015

In Loving Memory:

Sharon Marr

Norm and Sharon Timmerman


Stanley Cox

Family & Friends of Stanley Cox

Penny and Brad Beverlin

Bill and Cori Burton

Wells Fargo Bank, McCook

Neal and Mary Lee Corey

Jim and Pat Phinney


Jerry Harris

James Harris

Sherry and Bill Lytle

Rickey and Lee Ann Heldenbrand


Bob Hesterwerth

Joan Hesterwerth


Max Brodersen

Dave and Chris Carfield

Dave and Jan Smith

Randy and Kim Bauer


Fern and Russ Dowling

Dave and Jan Smith


Evelyn Salyer

Dave and Jan Smith


Nadine Friehe

Dave and Jan Smith


Dorothy Eisenbarth

Family & Friends of Dorothy Eisenbarth

BPO Does, Drove #3


Cliff Shackelford

Friends & Family of Cliff Shackelford


Robert ‘Ben’ Propp

Mary Propp


Dr. Michael McCarty

Eileen Johnson


Doris Jones

Dave and Chris Carfield


William Koetter

Family & Friends of William Koetter

Bill and Sandy McConville

Betty Vogel

Rick and Ann Teel

Nancy and Jerry Kautz

Bill and Cori Burton

Midge Forbes

Dan and Michelle Larington

Charles and Janet Fritsche

Sharon Koetter

Veldron Harmon

Mary and Harry Lebsack

Scott and Kim Ford

Debra J. Wilcox, CPA, LLC

Wells Fargo Bank, McCook


Lindy Emery

Donna Butler


Phyllis Pfeffer

Donna Butler


Nancy Smith

Dave and Jan Smith


Helen Allen

Family & Friends of Helen Allen

Donna Butler

Edna Poore


Jo Smolczyk

Dave and Jan Smith


Dale Adams

Family & Friends of Dale Adams

Donna Butler

Debra Johnson

Rick and Karmon Johnson

Marcia Eckhardt
Bruce and Candy Crosby

Mike and Marilyn Renner

Kathy Uerling

Patty and David Fulton

Ed and Marcia Overton

Thomas and Mara Eckhardt

David and Lori Backer

Jim and Kim O'Dea

Jim and Connie Gohl

Kelvin and Leigh Ann Miller

Steve Marr, Marr Insurance

Eugene and Marcia Pryor

Evie Caldwell

Lori and Andy O'Dea

Marshall and Jean Grant

Roland and Jeannette Miller

Dale and Margaret Nielsen

Avis Morell

Linda and Craig Wallen

Norma Lee Whisler

Rose Ann Wolf

Ivan and Shirley Hunt

Barbara Klein

Todd and Karey Graves

Elaine Skiles

Patrick and Janice Howell

Ivan and Pat Schmid

Doug Samuelson

Carol Kelley

Gerald Kelsch

Tom and Cathy Broz

Lyle and Jean Wilcox

D & S Hardware

Patsy Botts


Marie Kleinschmidt

Bonnie Urling


Robert ‘Bob’ Stensvad

Gloria and Dale Cotton

Paul and Lorna Kunnemann

Traffic Safety Plus

Glenn and Judi Haney


Larry Dyer

Bruce and Debra Wilcox


Phyllis Roth

Donna Butler


Virginia Brown

Donna Butler and Families


Phyllis Clapp

Donna Butler


Melva Gohl

Donna Butler


Darleene Chancellor

Family & Friends of Darleene Chancellor

Richard and Jeanie Hauxwell


Patricia Eisenhart

Donna Butler


Arden Norman

Donna Butler


Wes Farr

Donna Butler


Garnet Henton

Verna Barnett

Ron and Kellie Soden