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The empty nest, end of a career, or loss of a loved one can make these years seem anything but golden. At Community Hospital, we understand the challenges you face. We launched Generational Guidance to provide behavioral health services to people age 55 and older coping with life transitions, medication management, and issues like depression, anxiety, loss, and grief.

Our provisionally licensed mental health practitioner and mental health nurse practitioner work with other medical health professionals throughout the hospital and community to treat each individual as a whole person, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Hospital outpatient mental health services include:

  • Medication management
  • Patient education and guidance
  • Counseling
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Telehealth sessions are available

Medication Management

Medication can make a world of difference in your mental outlook, but maybe you've had a bad experience in the past or just aren't sure medication is right for you. Our dedicated mental health nurse practitioner can provide information and talk you through the process until you're comfortable making an informed decision.

Consider the following:

  • Medications are specifically selected to target your symptoms.
  • Medication can help with depression, anxiety, ADHA/ADD, bipolar, panic disorder, insomnia, psychotic disorders, and other conditions.
  • Your physical health and other medications will be considered in the decision-making process.
  • You'll be fully educated on the benefits, risks, side effects, and how to take the medication.
  • We will build a relationship with you based on trust, confidentiality, respect, and dignity.

Senior Services

Every phase of life has its rewards and challenges. While we anticipate the freedom of retirement, physical complications may keep us from enjoying it to the fullest. Younger generations' efforts to keep us safe must be balanced with our own desire to maintain our independence.

Our outpatient Senior Services include individual and group therapy to ease the emotional impacts of life's transitions while promoting personal growth with respect, dignity, and confidentiality. Treatment goals include:

  • Improving daily living skills.
  • Alleviating symptoms that limit the ability to function.
  • Supporting the integrity of the family.
  • Maximizing independence.


Pam Awe, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Darian Krysl, Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
Taylor Dauwen, Behavioral Health Technician

Services are covered by many insurance plans, Medicare, and many supplemental and secondary policies.
For more information or to schedule a free clinical assessment call, 308-344-8280.