Cancer Services

Comprehensive Medical Oncology Treatments

Staff chemotherapy nurses are trained in chemotherapy/biotherapy through the Oncology Nurses Society.

Community Hospital's Infusion department, located near the registration desk, has ten chemotherapy bays for added privacy, a comfortable atmosphere, and specially trained, compassionate nurses. It offers:

  • Long and short-term infusion therapy services
  • Chemotherapy, biotherapy, and targeted therapies
  • Blood product administration
  • On-site pharmacists
  • Registered nurses specially trained by the Oncology Nursing Society dedicated to delivering safe, evidence-based care
  • Ultrasound-guided vein selection for Peripherally Inserted Central Line Catheters (PICC)

What is a Peripherally Inserted Central Line Catheter (PICC)?

A PICC line can provide venous access for a prolonged period of time, unlike other peripherally-inserted intravenous catheters. This option provides exceptional venous access while minimizing episodes of discomfort. This special intravascular device may be indicated for the administration of venous irritants such as chemotherapy/biotherapy, antibiotics, or total parenteral nutrition. It may also serve as a method for lab draws, preventing you from additional needle sticks. The specific PICC device placed at Community HOspital is power injectable, which means that it may also be used to administer CT/MRI contrast.