Hospital Recognized as Premier Blood Partner

Community Hospital has been recognized as a Premier Blood Partner with the American Red Cross due to an increase in the employee’s units collected in 2018. Community Hospital increased donations by 34 units from the previous year and ended the year with a total impact of 305 units.

“This is an amazing accomplishment!” said Stacey Aguilar, hospital blood donor coordinator. “Thanks to all who donate, cover for staff so they can donate, or help in any way.”

Aguilar said it is difficult to know when Community Hospital started participating in blood drives. “When we started, we had only two drives a year,” she said. “Now, we have six drives each year. To date, we have held 70 blood drives over the years and have collected a total of 2,682 units of blood. Considering each unit can save up to three lives…we have potentially helped save 8,046 lives. That is amazing.  Again, thank you all who make these drives successful.”