Curtis Medical Center Health Fair September 20

Curtis, Nebraska—Curtis Medical Center, a service of Community Hospital, will be hosting a community-wide health fair on Friday, September 20 from 8-10 a.m. at the Curtis Memorial Community Center in Curtis, located at 201 Garlic Avenue.

Blood tests

Blood tests will be offered by McCook Clinic at reduced prices including: Blood chemistry test for only $35. The blood chemistry test gives 22 results including good and bad cholesterol, electrolytes, blood sugar, liver and kidney function and triglycerides. For accurate results, fasting is required (no food or drink other than water) 12 hours before the test. You may take medications as usual before the test.

Thyroid stimulating hormone test for only $25. This test, also called TSH, is used to determine whether the thyroid gland is functioning properly.

Prostate Specific Antigen test for only $20. The PSA test is for men only and used as a prostate cancer screening. Other diseases can also cause an elevated PSA.

HGBA1C test for only $20. This test, also known as A1C, marks average blood glucose levels over the previous three months.

Payment for the blood tests will be accepted at the door for the blood draws. Checks should be written to McCook Clinic. BC/BS insurance billing is available. Please bring your insurance ID card. Registration is not necessary. The test results will be mailed along with a brochure explaining the tests to the participant. They should make an appointment with their physician to review the results.

Other booths and screenings provided at the health fair are:

  • Community Hospital Health Foundation
  • Speech Therapy – Hearing Screenings
  • Community Healthcare and Hospice
  • Physical Therapy
  • Car Seat Safety Checks
  • Radiology: Mammography Education
  • Sterling Connection
  • FROG Class Information
  • Healthy Home Environment by SWNPHD
  • Davita McCook Dialysis

Flu shots will be offered if vaccine is available at that time. Cost will be $30.

Door prizes, breakfast and giveaways will also be provided. For more information about the fair, call the Curtis Medical Center at 308-367-4162 or Patricia Wagner, Community Outreach Coordinator at 308-344-8550.