Board of Directors Met December 18

December 30, 2019

Community Hospital board of directors opened their December 18 meeting by electing officers and welcoming new members to the board.

New Board Officers

Elected as officers were Julie Gillespie, chair; Curt Swanhorst, vice chair; Lena Koebel, secretary and Kristin Stagemeyer, treasurer. Other board members include Rick Haney and Dave Powell, who were newly elected in November, as well as Warren Jones, Jana Kmoch and Garrett Rippen. Retiring from the board is Todd Thieszen, board chair and Robert Hinze.

Consent Agenda

Directors approved minutes of the November 14 regular meeting of the medical staff and November 20 regular meeting of the board of directors.

Action to be Taken

Appointed to represent the Community Hospital board as they serve on the Community Hospital Health Foundation board will be Warren Jones and Rick Haney.

Appointments and/or reappointments for courtesy and telemedicine medical staff were approved. Board members also approved Community Hospital’s Quality Management program.

Review of Activities

Under Review of Activities, board members:

  • Reviewed the Compliance report
  • Noted the hospital Christmas party is February 29 at the McCook Memorial Auditorium
  • Noted the next regular board meeting is January 15 at 6:45 AM
  • Noted the mini-conference training provided by The Advisory Board, on January 23 from 3:30-7:30 PM. Board members and administrative teams from surrounding hospitals are also invited.
  • Reviewed thank you notes