Board Learns of Workforce Metrics and Employee Survey Results

January 27, 2020

Community Hospital board of directors learned at the January 15 meeting about workforce metrics specific to the hospital, and that results of the annual employee survey were excellent.

Workforce Metrics

Leanne Miller, Director of Human Resources, reported there are 318 employees at Community Hospital. Average years of service are currently 8.62 years. The turnover rate for calendar year 2019 was 10.06%, which is well under the industry median of 17.4%. Of the 32 separations in 2019, 29 or 90.6% are eligible for rehire. There were nine employees who retired. The average employee age is 43.2 years.

Employee Engagement Study Results

Miller also reviewed results of the Employee Engagement Survey conducted by Professional Research Consultants in November 2019. Participation rate was 94.7% with 286 of the eligible 302 employees taking the survey.

The survey determined that 51.4% of Community Hospital employees gave the hospital an “Excellent” response to four engagement statements:1) My work is rewarding 2) I care about the success of my hospital 3) I feel a sense of ownership in my hospital and 4) I am committed to investing my thoughts and ideas into this hospital. With that data, Community Hospital’s Fully Engaged ranking is 97.8 percentile compared to 265 hospitals in PRC’s database.

Employees’ perceptions of Community Hospital as a place to work were also ranked high with 57% giving the hospital an excellent response, and 33.8% saying Very Good, scoring in the 97.2 percentile among other U.S. hospitals in PRC’s database. Meetings to present the results to employees will be held this week.

Consent Agenda

Directors approved minutes of the December 19 regular meeting of the board of directors.

Action to be Taken

Appointments and/or reappointments for affiliate, courtesy, consulting and telemedicine medical staff were approved. Board members also approved revisions to the Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Statement and general surgeons to the new specialty specific privilege list for updated privileges.

Review of Activities

Under Review of Activities, board members:

  • Noted the next regular board meeting regarding budget and finance is January 29 at 7 AM
  • Noted the next regular board meeting is February 19 at 6:45 AM
  • Noted the hospital Christmas Party is February 29 at 5 PM at the City Auditorium
  • Noted the Governance Institute Heartland Health Alliance 2020 Spring Governance Retreat is April 30 – May 1 in Lincoln.
  • Reviewed thank you notes