September 28 COVID-19 News

No Inpatient Visitors Allowed

Effective immediately, Community Hospital will not allow visitors to see inpatients until further notice, due to an increase of COVID-19 positive and suspected cases in McCook and Red Willow County. “We are seeing an increase in cases in our immediate area, so we are tightening our infection control procedures,” said Sharon Conroy, Community Hospital Infection Preventionist nurse.

Although visitors will not be allowed, both inpatients and outpatients are allowed one support person, if needed, to accompany them in their hospital room or during their appointment. All outpatients and support persons will be screened before entering the hospital and must wear masks. 

Cafeteria and Gift Shop Closed to the Public

The hospital cafeteria (Harvest Café) and Garden View Gift Shop are once again closed to the public. 


Community Hospital has added an additional TestNebraska event to the schedule this week tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29 from 7 AM to noon at the Red Willow County Fairgrounds Merchant building. Residents of Nebraska are encouraged to continue using the free TestNebraska program to test for COVID-19. Community Hospital is also offering future testing days on October 7 and 14 from 8 to 10 AM at the fairgrounds.

Appointments are strongly encouraged and can be made by going to Eligible residents (the individual must have a Nebraska address) will receive a QR code, unique to that specific individual and not transferable, which is good for eight days. Bring the QR code and your driver’s license to the appointment. For any residents who do not have home Internet, appointments can be made at the test site, but all individuals are encouraged to make reservations prior to coming if possible.

The public is urged to use the TestNebraska events to get tested if they were exposed to someone COVID-positive or COVID-suspected—especially if they don’t have symptoms or their symptoms are mild. Please do not show up to an area clinic or the hospital emergency room just to be tested. Community Hospital can only test for COVID if the person is admitted to the emergency department as a patient, or the patient has a physician order for a COVID test. Those who need medical care are encouraged to continue using the clinic or emergency room, especially if you are experiencing shortness of breath. All clinics and the emergency room ask the public to call ahead if having symptoms of COVID, to help prevent further spread to others.

Those tested through TestNebraska will receive an email in up to 72 hours with their unique ID number and a link to retrieve their results. The results will not be in the email—the participant must go to the TestNebraska portal. Please do not call the Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department, or Community Hospital for your test results. If there has been no communication from TestNebraska you can call (402) 207 9377. If you are positive, you will also be notified by phone by the public health department, so please submit an accurate phone number.

Community Hospital staff encourages the public to follow these practices:

  • Wear a mask to protect those around you. You may have COVID and don’t even know it.
  • Refrain from touching your face or your mask.
  • Even with no symptoms or mild symptoms, stay at home. You can unknowingly expose those with underlying health conditions to COVID.
  • Socially distance. If you cannot socially distance, please wear a mask.
  • Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer when you cannot.
  • If you are asked to quarantine, stay in quarantine until you receive your test results.