New Treatment Chairs Improve Comfort and Care

Infusion Chair

Outpatient Injection/Infusion nurses Peg Smalley, Sydney Bauman, and Jacqueline Schelper stand with one of the “super comfy” new patient chairs. A patient may use the chair from 15 minutes to eight hours depending on healthcare need.

New treatment chairs are in use for patients visiting the Outpatient Injection/Infusion department.  Community Hospital Health Foundation’s Board of Directors funded a grant to assist in the purchase of the new chairs. Additional bedside tables will be ordered to go with the chairs.

The treatment chairs recline, have heat in the base and back of the chair, and spin in all directions. Patients have been very complimentary of the new chairs, are excited about their ease of use, and state they are “super comfy.” The nurses appreciate the chairs because they are less cumbersome and leave more room to work in the patient’s room. One patient commented that she sleeps “better in these chairs than my bed at home.” Other patients have requested to take them home to replace theirs.

With the number of patient visits varying between six and 25 each day, the chairs get a lot of use. Patient visits can last anywhere between 15 minutes to eight hours so patient comfort is a priority. The Outpatient Injection/Infusion department staffs six compassionate nurses with special training to meet the needs of this complex patient population; works closely with the pharmacy, lab and radiology departments to provide all necessary services for the patient; and has nine treatment rooms for added privacy. Services include:  intravenous access and therapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy for oncology patients, blood and blood product administration, wound care, telehealth, and patient well-being assessments.

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