New Medical Specialists Center Entrance Opens Monday

Medical Specialists Center EntranceCommunity Hospital is excited to announce the new Medical Specialists Center entrance will open for patient use on Monday, October 4. Patients using the Medical Specialists Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center and the Generational Guidance behavioral health services should use this entrance on the northeast side of the hospital. Laboratory patients will also use the new entrance now while the laboratory department is relocated due to construction. A large, temporary banner will be posted on the building to help locate the entrance. Doors will be open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5:30 PM.

The entrance boasts a beautiful awning wide enough for more than one vehicle to park for loading and unloading at the doors. In addition to protection from the weather, the doors enter into the Medical Specialists Center lobby and registration area which offers:

  • Several waiting and sub waiting areas
  • TV viewing areas
  • Fireplace
  • Coffee bar
  • Wheelchair and scooter enclave close to the entrance
  • Registration desks only steps away from the front doors

The new parking lot will offer numerous parking stalls dedicated to patient parking and close to the doors. Patients are reminded they will need to screen at the screening kiosk/hygiene station before proceeding to registration. Masks are required through federal regulation for all who enter the hospital. Please bring your own mask.