MCFF Donation Assists COVID Patients

November 11, 2021

A recent donation to Community Hospital from the McCook Community Foundation Fund will help COVID-19 patients breathe easier. The donation of nearly $14,000, given in memory of those who have died from COVID, helped purchase six new BiPAP machines valued at $19,200.

A BiPAP machine pushes pressurized air into the lungs of patients, according to the staff at Community Hospital’s respiratory department. The pressurized air splints airways open, helping with gas exchange and oxygenation in the lungs. Shortness of breath and low oxygen levels are a couple of the biggest problems for patients with COVID, they said.

“BiPAP is one of our major tools to treat these issues. Because of the shortage of ICU beds and staffing shortages, we have had a hard time getting patients transferred to larger facilities. Community Hospital desperately needed more of these units to be able to care for the influx of COVID patients in our area.”

MCFF's COVID account was established in 2020 with funds from an MCFF grant, donations from MNB Financial Services and Graff Charitable Foundation, as well as several individual donations.