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CHHF Enhances Physical Therapy with Vestibular Goggles

 McCook, Neb.— The Community Hospital Health Foundation announces its latest equipment grant, supporting Community Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center. The newly acquired “Vestibular First Insight Pro+ Infrared Video Goggles” will enhance vestibular care.

The Rehabilitation Center has observed a significant rise in patients with vestibular dysfunction. The vestibular system is responsible for our sense of balance and spatial orientation. Dysfunction most often involves a world spinning sensation (vertigo) occurring for 10-30 seconds immediately after changing positions (i.e. rolling over in bed, laying down from sitting, bending over to tie your shoes, etc).

The Vestibular First Insight Pro+ Infrared Video Goggles enable a more comprehensive and comfortable assessment, leading to improved diagnostic accuracy. According to Ryan Hardin, PT, DPT, “a majority of vestibular rehabilitation involves placing the patient in various positions while watching closely to see how their eyes respond.  These goggles magnify the patient’s eyes onto a computer screen and allow for video playback.  Providers can then rewatch the video without having the patient repeat the maneuver.” This video recording feature will also enhance patient education as the patient can better comprehend the physical response they are experiencing. Most cases of vestibular dysfunction are classified as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and symptoms are often resolved in just one to three therapy sessions.

 According to Jessica Bortner, Health Foundation Director, ‘We’re dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovative equipment grants. This new equipment is a win-win, enhancing both patient satisfaction and healthcare provider effectiveness.”

 For more information on treatment for Vestibular Dysfunction (dizziness and vertigo), please contact the Community Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic at 308-344-8383.



Cutline: Community Hospital Health Foundation Executive Director, Jessica Bortner and Ryan Hardin, Physical Therapist, proudly demonstrate the new Vestibular Goggles, a recent addition to Community Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center.


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