Advance Directive

Advance Directive

An advance directive is a written statement which reliably shows you have made a particular health care decision or have appointed another person to make that decision on your behalf. The two most common forms of Advance Directives are:

Living Will

Power of Attorney for Health Care

However, an Advance Directive can take other forms or be called other things.

An Advance Directive allows you to state your choices for health care or to name someone to make those choices for you if you become unable to make decisions about your medical treatment. In short, an Advance Directive can enable you to make decisions about your future medical treatment. You can say “Yes” to treatment you want or say “No” to treatment you do not want.

Here is a direct link to a document with further information. Advance Directive Explained

Already have an Advance Directive

Call the Front Admissions Desk to schedule a time to make copies of your Advance Directive documents or to get them notarized by one of our hospital notaries free of charge. It is important to have these on file in our system.

Other forms of an Advance Directive

Five Wishes

Five Wishes focuses on personal, spiritual, medical and legal wishes all in one document. To learn more or to request a form go to one of the websites linked below:

Five Wishes Website