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New Patient Wing Offers Many Benefits

Phase 1 was completed January 2011. Designed with the patient in mind, Community Hospital’s new patient wing offers comfort, technology and privacy. The new wing houses twenty-five large, all-private patient rooms with wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Warm, inviting patient rooms are furnished with beautiful wood floors and paneled head walls while continuing the hospital’s color palette, the warm earth and jewel tones reflecting the natural colors of Southwest Nebraska.

The rooms have been strategically planned to offer three zones of care for the comfort, efficiency and care of all who are supporting the patient: the patient zone, the nursing zone and the family zone.

The patient zone includes the bed area, a comfortable recliner and closet for personal belongings. Generous bathrooms feature the “wet room” concept (with no separate shower walls) to support multiple caregivers assisting patients. Other room amenities include a flat-screen HDTV and wireless Internet access. Multi-levels of lighting are designed for sleeping, reading and nursing care.

The nursing zone provides an area for the nurse to work freely and efficiently near the patient’s bedside. A computer in every patient room allows the nurse to enter admission assessments, care plans and charting, as well as order and view patient test results. All twenty-five patient rooms are identically laid out so that no matter what room the nurse is caring for a patient, it is familiar.

Supporting a decentralized nursing model, a built-in desk and computer outside every two patient rooms allow providers to electronically chart. At this desk, the nurse can also view the patients in two rooms at once through small monitoring windows without disturbing the patients. Built-in blinds provide privacy for the patients.

Finally, the family zone includes a large, comfortable couch under the room’s window designed to expand into a wider-sized bed. Built-in cushioned benches and handrails spaced along the hallway allow patients or family to rest. Nourishment centers adjacent to family rooms offer beverages and light snacks for patients and guests to help make their stay more comfortable.

The north end of the patient wing houses the obstetric department with two labor, delivery, recovery rooms, four post partum rooms, a large, well-equipped nursery and an OB waiting room.

The south end of the patient wing houses two hospice rooms. A comfortable waiting area with a fireplace overlooks the healing garden through floor to ceiling windows. Both hospice rooms can also be used as isolation rooms. One of the hospice rooms offers a patient lift with a track installed in the ceiling that allows the patient to be moved from bed to the restroom/shower.

Offices in the patient wing are equipped with energy efficient lights which automatically come on when someone enters the room and go out after a period of inactivity.

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