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Board of Directors Meets December 19

January 03, 2019

McCook, Nebraska—Community Hospital board members met December 19 for their monthly board meeting. This was the first meeting of the new board, with newly elected board member, Jana Kmoch, present to begin her term. Also reelected to the board were Julie Gillespie and Curt Swanhorst. Officers stayed the same as last year, with Chair, Todd Thieszen, Vice Chair, Julie Gillespie, Secretary, Lena Koebel and Treasurer, Curt Swanhorst. Chosen to serve on the Community Hospital Health Foundation board were also the same as last year: Warren Jones, Kristin Stagemeyer, Todd Thieszen, and Troy Bruntz, Community Hospital President & CEO.

Construction Project Update

Sean Wolfe, Community Hospital Chief Finance Officer, discussed with the board cash flow during the upcoming construction project. He said the hospital has received notice from the banks signaling commitment for the project loans. The project will cost approximately $21.2 million and will add approximately 50,000 square feet of new, temporary and remodeled space.

Community Hospital’s building project includes expanding the Medical Specialists Center and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, as well as addressing the following needs:

  • Additional space for visiting specialists; allow better patient and staff flow;
    • Improved entrance, check-in and waiting areas
    • Better patient flow to improve operations, patient experience, and enhanced privacy
    • New X-ray and improved space for orthopedic patients
  • Additional space for McCook Clinic providers and patients
  • Additional space for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
    • creating a larger gym and department
    • more space for additional equipment and between equipment to address safety issues
  • Reconfigure workspace in the kitchen for more efficient operation. (Currently using the same space and layout from the original 1974 building)
  • Reconfigure the use of space in the laboratory for more efficient operation
  • Better location for the mobile cardiac testing trucks and PET CT truck; controlled environment for patient comfort and safety
  • Additional space for pharmacy hood for mixing chemotherapy and other complex drugs
  • Better parking for patients
  • Move Rehabilitation Center’s entrance for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to the hospital front

The construction project under the direction of Sampson Construction is estimated to be complete in June 2021. Preliminary work has already begun. In mid-January, hospital patients will be directed to use the front entrance and the emergency entrance for all appointments. Doors to the Rehabilitation Center and Medical Specialists Center will be closed due to construction.

Consent Agenda

Minutes were approved from the November 14 regular meeting of the board of directors as well as the November 8 regular meeting of the medical staff.

Annual corporate code of conduct acknowledgements and conflict of interest disclosures were received from each board member.

Action to Be Taken

Barbie Long, Director of Community HealthCare & Hospice, presented the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation for home health and hospice programs. This was approved by the board.

Joleen Bradley, Performance Improvement and Quality Management Director, presented the quality management plan to the board of directors. It was approved.

Appointments for telemedicine staff, reappointments for courtesy staff and a reappointment for consulting medical staff were reviewed and approved.

Strategic Discussion

The board reviewed and discussed the results of the director self-assessments from the Governance Institute report. The assessments give hospital leadership a snapshot of how well board members understand their duties and roles on the hospital board, explained Bruntz. “This helps us judge how well we are performing our role in educating the board during their terms in office.”

Review of Activities

Bradley presented the performance improvement, patient safety and risk management report to the board. It included the status of corrective actions from the last DNV survey. She reported that fourteen hospital leaders completed and received the basic certificate in quality and safety from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Training opportunities will be provided to Community Hospital board members and other area boards and administrative staff on January 17 through the Advisory Board Education Sessions on Population Health, Consumerism and The New Cost Mandate.

Multiple thank you notes were included in the board packet.

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