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Board of Directors Approves Strategic Plan and Community Needs Assessment

October 07, 2013

McCook, Nebraska—During the Community Hospital Board of Directors meeting on September 18, directors approved the updated Strategic Plan and the 2013 Community Needs Assessment, received an update on the radiation oncology project, heard a second quarter environment of care report and approved appointments and reappointments for medical staff.

Strategic Plan

The board approved the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan and the 2013 Community Needs Assessment.

As part of the strategic plan, Community Hospital updated the mission and vision statements and created a philosophical statement on excellence, according to Jim Ulrich, Community Hospital President and CEO.

The new mission statement is “Regional healthcare excellence.” The new vision statement is “Widely recognized as the regional leader of excellent healthcare services.”

“These new statements vividly capture our organizational focus on excellence and better reflect our journey toward achievement of our vision,” he said. “We are already regional leaders in so much of what we do and provide in healthcare services. As a healthcare team, we can confidently focus our priorities and provide the direction necessary to improve the health of the citizens of our region.”

Community Needs Assessment

A community needs assessment was conducted in 2013 to identify healthcare concerns McCook and surrounding communities may face. The study, which was approved by the board at the September meeting, focused on the healthcare and related care services and needs of Red Willow County, and surrounding seven counties.

Information was gathered through a variety of means including county census reports, regional market analysis data, county health rankings, and a regional phone survey, as well as focus groups for both community members and the healthcare community, and key-informant interviews with community leaders. Through this analysis, the top three healthcare services were identified as ones already being offered:

1. The availability of local healthcare services including: primary care physicians, general surgeons, specialists traveling to the area and the increased cancer care efforts.

2. Obstetric care

3. Emergency services

The top three significant needs in our area were identified to be:

1. Increased availability of specialty doctors, including the availability of a full-time orthopedic surgeon.

2. Wellness education and services, including exercise, nutrition and weight management programs.

3. Care for the elderly in our community, specifically in-home care.

One break-out topic which was mentioned enough to become an additional identified community need was:

1. Increased mental health and substance abuse services and support.

The entire report is available eleswhere on on the website.

In other Action to be Taken, the Board of Directors approved appointment and reappointments for consulting staff, allied health staff, active staff and affiliate staff.

Review of Activities

In Review of Activities, the board heard the Environment of Care-second quarter report.

Building Project Update

Ulrich also updated the board of directors on the Radiation Oncology Center. Much work has been done in the excavating and compressing of the soil for the very heavy foundation and blocks that will comprise the building. Blocks will be laid for the radiation oncology vault in October and the entire center is scheduled to be completed in March with the first treatments in early April.

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