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Indianola FROG Class Moves to New Location

September 29, 2014

Indianola, Nebraska—Beginning October 1, the Community Hospital FROG class meeting in Indianola will begin meeting in a new location. FROG, or Fitness Reaching Older Gens, will meet at the Indianola storm shelter at 120 North Fourth Street. The classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30 a.m.

FROG is a free exercise program designed to help older adults, those aged 55 plus, improve their mobility and strength to help prevent injuries caused by falls. The exercise is low-impact, with or without chair assistance and only as strenuous as participants want it to be. Exercises help improve balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and strengthen the upper and lower body.

“Living in rural Nebraska, we have an aging population that needs to stay healthy,” said Sarah Wolford, Community Hospital Community Wellness Coordinator.

Members have been extremely enthusiastic about the exercise opportunity, saying it has given them more flexibility and better balance, recovered their frozen shoulders, decreased pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia and made their joints more supple.

Sessions include warm-ups, stretches, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. The program consists of a mixture of yoga, tai chi, resistance, low impact aerobics and weight training. Exercises incorporate medicine balls and stretch bands for variety.

“FROG is meaningful to me because I want to continue flower and vegetable garden. It gives me the energy and flexibility to do so,” said one member. “The health benefits are amazing and the social atmosphere delightful,” she added.

Other members said they are sleeping better, feeling better, maintaining weight loss and have more energy. “I can touch my toes!” one member said. Another added that she “walks with better balance.”

FROG was originally designed under a grant given to the Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department which in turn collaborated with Community Hospital to offer it to their Sterling Connection members. Since 2008, Community Hospital has been providing day-to-day operations and employs a FROG coordinator, Brenda McGuire, to help train the volunteers that lead FROG classes in McCook, Indianola, Curtis, Stratton, Trenton, Culbertson, Hayes Center, Palisade and Maywood.

For more information about the FROG program, please call Brenda McGuire, FROG Coordinator at (308) 345-7081.

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