Nearly everyone we talk to is taken with the friendliness of our staff and our advanced facilities. Visiting medical professionals frequently tell us they are impressed with the high level of sophisticated technology. Most importantly, our patients enjoy a high quality of care that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Built in 1974, Community Hospital is a 25-bed critical access, not-for-profit facility. As a regional hospital, we are equipped to care for the more than 30,000 people who live in our referral area. McCook Clinic, which provides a wide range of family health care services, is located on the Community Hospital campus. Community Hospital’s Medical Specialists Center provides an excellent location for the nearly 30 visiting medical specialists who come to McCook on a regular basis, to provide close-to-home medical care. We also have rural health care clinics in Trenton and Curtis, Nebraska.

Community Hospital has proactively embraced the latest technologies, employs the most qualified medical professionals, and encourages our staff to pursue continuing education. As a result, those who work at Community Hospital find it professionally gratifying, and our patients benefit from quality medical attention close to home.

Enter our hospital and discover a spirit of community. You’ll find people who work together, care about each other, and take enormous pride in contributing to the reputation of excellence Community Hospital enjoys as a regional health care provider.

Community Hospital Fact Sheet

Mission Statement

Leading our region to a healthier future.

Vision Statement

Cultivating healthy communities through progressive and proactive care.

Core Values

Excellence, Ownership, Integrity, and Compassion

Quality Policy

Community Hospital is committed to the pursuit of Regional Healthcare Excellence through its four Seeds of Success and the deployment of its Strategy Statements:

  • People - Achieve a mission driven workforce
  • Service - Promote access and growth in services to create healthier communities
  • Quality - Achieve excellence in clinical quality and patient experience with evidence based practices
  • Finance - Assure financial soundness of Community Hospital needed to meet the health and wellness needs of the community

Community Hospital’s Philosophical Statement on Excellence

We hold a strong belief that long-term success results from excellence in each of the four seeds that make up our organization.  These seeds are present in each of the corners of our medical cross logo consisting of People, Service, Quality, and Finance.  Strategic goals in each of these four seeds give a focus on excellence in providing for the healthcare needs of our region.  Furthermore, as a healthcare team, we aspire to lead the region by exceeding the expectations of our customers (the patients and their families that we serve as well as our providers and suppliers).  By focusing the collective energies of our organization we take our number one asset, our people, and provide them the tools to excel in the provision of and access to the healthcare services needed by our region’s citizens.

Excellence is defined as a level of quality and performance that is unusually good and greatly surpasses ordinary standards.  An organization that consistently exceeds the expectations of its customers develops a culture of dedicated and award-winning services which results in loyalty.  This all begins by believing in and executing the concept of patient-centered care, which is intently listening and acting upon the needs of our customers, then relentlessly executing an organization-wide effort that strives to exceed their expectations. 

At Community Hospital we believe in being “difference makers” and going above and beyond by consistently enhancing the healthcare experience of our patients, their families, and all of our customers.  We have a strong set of organizational values.  How we live these values every day shapes the culture of our organization and in turn, becomes the driving force behind “excellence”.  In addition to the value of Excellence, Integrity instills a high level of trust that is essential in developing excellence and in turn loyalty; Compassion is a deep level of care that is key in becoming “difference makers” and exceeding expectations in the eyes of those we serve, and Ownership develops that sense of pride in our organization and our team members that fosters the passionate care we provide thus accentuating our other organizational values. 

To maintain this level of excellence, we will measure our progress through feedback that we gain from our customers and other standards we hold ourselves accountable to in each of the four seeds of our successful organization.  We will continually push ourselves to develop our ongoing plans for improvement based on this feedback and our results.  Achieving and then maintaining a level of excellence in healthcare is an ongoing and dedicated process of striving to amaze and exceed the expectations of the customers we serve.

Excellence is a journey that is full of tremendous accomplishment and pride along the way. Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.  By dedicating our efforts as a healthcare team to living our organizational values we will be widely recognized as the regional leader of excellent healthcare services.