For Patients

Price Transparency

To meet CMS Price Transparency requirements, Community Hospital has posted a list of our standard charges below.

If you wish to receive an estimate for how much a service or procedure will cost, please contact one of our patient financial counselors or billing department at (308) 344-8297.  We highly recommend calling our financial counselors for an estimate of your specific procedure. Remember actual costs may differ from estimates depending on actual services performed, your length of time at the hospital and/or any complications. Your financial responsibility may vary greatly depending on the coverage benefits of your health insurance.

These charges will be updated annually and may not reflect the current price. Community Hospital reserves the right to update prices without notice. The hospital charges do not include costs charged by other medical professionals not directly employed by the hospital but who are involved in a patient’s care such as physicians and radiologists.

Community Hospital provides Financial Assistance to patients with limited financial means who have exhausted all other sources of payment or assistance, for more information please contact our patient financial counselors and/or review our policy at:

Standard Charges:


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