Patient & Family Advisory Council


If you have been or may be a patient or family member of a patient at Community Hospital for any type of medical service, our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) wants to hear from you! Pictured above is the current PFAC: 

Get involved by serving on this volunteer committee, which holds about nine evening meetings per year to help guide hospital personnel in improving our practices and creating excellent patient experiences!

The goal of the Community Hospital PFAC is multifaceted:

  • To partner with patients and families and share performance data to guide improvement of the patient and family experience with Community Hospital.
  • To provide a safe, constructive forum for developing solutions to challenges faced by patients, families, and Community Hospital.
  • To learn from patients’ diverse perspectives and lived experiences and to integrate their ideas into service delivery and quality improvement efforts.
  • To achieve patient- and family-centered care at all levels and in all settings associated with Community Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information contact Diane Gumaer at  or 308-344-8292.