Hospital Services

Rehabilitation Services

Community Hospital's rehabilitation departments evaluate and offer therapies for patients who have health problems resulting from injury or disease.

Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy department provides a variety of services to both adults and children with communication and swallowing disorders, including those which result from developmental and acquired disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy department works with individuals of all ages who have been limited by a physical injury, impairment or illness, with the goal of improving or restoring the individual's daily living skills, play skills, and leisure capacities.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy department offers inpatient and outpatient treatment on a daily basis.  A variety of services are provided including general and sports orthopedics, aquatic therapy, and specialized women's services.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center provides services to patients with cardiac and/or pulmonary diseases. Our center provides professional staff specifically trained in both cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. The cardiac and pulmonary programs have both met rigorous standards to become nationally certified by AACVPR. The programs consist of individualized evaluations, educational classes and personalized exercise regimens. Visiting cardiologists and pulmonologists, along with local physicians, provide patient-centered direction for the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services.

Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory care department offers a broad range of therapeutic techniques, including chest physiotherapy, aerosol delivery, CPAP, and adult ventilatory management.

Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling

Our registered dietitian offers counseling to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition. Nutrition counseling can help you:

  • Control diabetes and heart disease
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Manage food allergies
  • Overcome eating disorders
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Establish lifelong healthy eating habits
  • Increase energy and reduce the risk of disease
  • Improve overall physical and mental health