Eat Smart Get Fit Prediabetes Class Starts January

December 22, 2021

Community Hospital wants to help people prevent Type 2 diabetes before it starts by encouraging them to enroll in the Eat Smart – Get Fit program. This year-long program aims to prevent or delay diabetes by encouraging healthy eating, increased activity and stress reduction, according to Monica Wacker, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator at the hospital.

No Obligation Introductory Meeting

Those who are interested in the Eat Smart – Get Fit program should attend a no-obligation Ground Zero Meeting on January 11 at 5PM at Community Hospital’s Prairie View meeting room. This initial meeting will explain the year-long Eat Smart – Get Fit program, who is eligible, and the requirements to complete the program.

Eat Smart – Get Fit Program

The Eat Smart – Get Fit Program was designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Its goal is to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes by teaching participants to develop a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating, being active and decreasing stress.

Cost of the year-long program is $100. Classes will start on Tuesday, January 18 at Community Hospital. The time of day to meet is to be determined by participants.

Certain requirements by CDC determine who is eligible. Participants must be 18 years or older with one of the following risk factors:

  • BMI greater than 24
  • Documented pre-diabetes (determined by a blood test)
  • Determination made by a risk assessment, or
  • History of gestational diabetes

For more information about the Eat Smart – Get Fit program and diabetes services, contact Terrie Unger, RN, Diabetes Educator at 308-344-8539, email at, or Monica Wacker, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator at In addition to the Eat Smart – Get Fit prediabetes program, Community Hospital offers individual and group classes for diabetics. A free support group is also offered that meets regularly through the months of September to May. For more information, go to