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New Clothing Giveaway on Saturday

December 14, 2022

A wonderful donation from McCook’s Walmart came just in time for Christmas! Walmart donated eight pallets of clothing and shoe merchandise to Community Hospital. The donation came with two requests: the donation needed to be taken immediately, and it needed to be shared with community members in need.

Walmart Manager, Nate Henning, commented the clothing was related to COVID supply chain disruptions. He worked with Walmart corporate offices to make the estimated $100,000 in-kind donation possible. “This project has moved quickly. I’m excited we could do this for our community and get the merchandise out before Christmas. I’m glad Community Hospital could host the donation and distribute it to our community,” he said.

Walmart delivered the huge pallets of clothing and shoes. Community Hospital employees organized the boxes and notified area resources centers. Distributions have been made to the Family Resource Center, Sharing Place, ABC Pregnancy Help Center, Community Action Partnership, Community Hospital, area schools, and others. Some of the clothing was used for Tree of Love gifts and some has gone to families who have endured recent unfortunate events.

Community Hospital will host a community giveaway Saturday, December 17 from 9 AM to12 PM and Monday, December 19 from 9 AM to 3 PM in the Community Hospital Mobile Diagnostic Garage. The garage is located on the northeast corner next to the Medical Specialists Center. The entrance door will be marked.

Community members in need are encouraged to attend. Area businesses such as daycares, nursing homes, schools, etc. that need to keep some clothes on hand are also invited. Community members who are shopping for families in need of assistance this Christmas are also welcome. There is no charge. Items are new and still have tags.

The hospital received a variety of clothing and shoes. At this time, mostly women’s intimates and sleepwear, children’s summer clothing and many spring/summer shoes for the family are available.