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CHHF Invests in Baby Bassinets

Community Hospital Health Foundation is excited to announce the acquisition of state-of-the-art baby bassinets, the Halo BassiNest, designed to revolutionize the newborn care experience at our Community Hospital.

 The introduction of Halo BassiNests is part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest standard of care for newborns and their families. These innovative bassinets are equipped with cutting-edge features to promote a safe and comfortable environment for both infants and caregivers.

 Key features of the Halo BassiNest include:

·       360-Degree Swivel: The bassinet can swivel 360 degrees, allowing for easy access to the baby from all angles.

·       Retractable Wall: The lockable, retractable sidewall of the bassinet allows caretakers to easily reach and comfort infants, while also reducing accidental drop risk.

·       Adjustable Height: The bassinet's adjustable height ensures that it can be positioned at the most comfortable level for caretakers, reducing strain and promoting a seamless caregiving experience.

Community Hospital Health Foundation's commitment to advancing healthcare technology is exemplified through its recent investment in the innovative Halo BassiNests. As stated by new twin mom Leanne Klein, "The ease of nighttime care with these bassinets is a game-changer for parents like me. I was able to bring the babies close to meet their needs, rather than calling for a nurse or waking up my husband." This investment aligns with our mission to provide exceptional care and support for families during the critical early stages of life, ensuring improved patient outcomes and a more comfortable experience for both infants and parents alike.

 Community Hospital Obstetric Coordinator, Nicole Olsen, requested the new equipment stating, “We welcome about 150 newborns into the world each year. We are dedicated to ensuring that each new arrival receives the highest standard of care. These new bassinets provide even greater comfort, convenience, and safety for our Moms and our newest patients.”

 Six bassinets were purchased by the Community Hospital Health Foundation for the nursery. Executive Director Jessica Bortner stated, "Across the nation and increasing in Nebraska, rural access to obstetric care is diminishing. Our obstetric team at Community Hospital is well-staffed, prepared and equipped to care for our expectant moms and babies. The Health Foundation is happy to support our obstetric services through the purchase of these new bassinets, which was made possible by our generous community donors.” She went on to say, “The equipment will have a direct impact on the comfort and care provided to newborns, mothers, and their families for years to come.”

 About Community Hospital Health Foundation:

 The Community Hospital Health Foundation plays a vital role in ensuring the enduring success of Community Hospital by actively raising funds and fostering public awareness and support. With a mission to secure the future of healthcare services in the communities we serve, the Foundation serves as a catalyst for positive change.

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Cutline: Twins Blaine Kenneth and Baylee Rose Klein, born February 1, 2024 find sweet slumber in the Halo BassiNests, providing comfort and safety in every sleep. The Klein twins were among the first babies at Community Hospital to utilize the bassinets.