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Concert for Healthcare Announces Band Hairball

Get ready for an electrifying night of rock 'n' roll as Hairball takes the stage at the Kiplinger Arena, Red Willow County Fairgrounds, on Saturday, October 12. This special event coincides with the celebration of Community Hospital's 50th Anniversary, taking attendees on a nostalgic journey back in time.

Hairball isn't just a concert; it's a bombastic celebration of arena rock that packs the punch of 20 concerts in one night! Prepare to be dazzled by a Rock & Roll experience like no other, featuring lights, sound, smoke, fire, and an enthusiastic crowd that elevates the event to legendary status.

Vocalists Kris Vox, Dave Moody, and Drew Hart will lead the charge through a mind-blowing, over two-hour homage to some of the greatest arena acts in history. From Van Halen to KISS, Motley Crue to Queen, Journey to Aerosmith, Hairball brings these iconic bands back to life with unparalleled accuracy and energy.

Backing them up are the rock-solid rhythm section of HBK on bass, Billy on drums, and Happy on lead guitar. These seasoned performers pride themselves on delivering the most memorable riffs and licks of all time, infused with their own style and flair honed over decades of relentless touring.

In 2024, Hairball celebrates its 24th year of rocking stages across the nation, continually upping the ante with more characters, pyrotechnics, lights, sound, props, and surprises. Every show is treated like it could be their last, resulting in a 100% full-throttle, no-holds-barred party that must be experienced to be believed!

Jessica Bortner, Community Hospital Health Foundation Director, expressed her excitement, stating, "We are stoked to bring this high-octane rock and roll extravaganza to our community, while cranking up the volume on funds and awareness for our local healthcare services. With the power of '80s rock and roll behind us, we're fueling the mission of Community Hospital to lead our region toward a healthier future. From healthcare equipment to patient assistance, program funding, scholarships, and beyond, the Health Foundation is rocking out for the greater good!"

The Concert for Healthcare is one of two major hospital fundraising events. Tickets are not yet on sale, but community sponsors are being sought. For more information about the concert, contact Community Hospital Health Foundation at 308-344-7222.

About Community Hospital Health Foundation:

The Community Hospital Health Foundation plays a vital role in ensuring the enduring success of Community Hospital by actively raising funds and fostering public awareness and support. With a mission to secure the future of healthcare services in the communities we serve, the Foundation serves as a catalyst for positive change.

For more information or to make a meaningful contribution, please call 308-344-7222 or visit Public support is instrumental in shaping a healthier future for our community.


Cutline: "Get ready to rock for a cause! Hairball announced as headliner for the Concert for Healthcare, celebrating Community Hospital's 50th Anniversary."