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CH Honors Dedicated Volunteers at Annual Luncheon

Community Hospital celebrated the invaluable contributions of its dedicated volunteers at the annual Volunteer Luncheon held on April 23. The event, which took place at Coppermill Steakhouse, served as a heartfelt tribute to the generous individuals whose steady commitment helps to drive the institution's mission of care and compassion.

"Volunteers are the heart and soul of not only our hospital but our southwest Nebraska communities, and their selfless contributions play an indispensable role in fulfilling our mission of care and compassion," remarked Troy Bruntz, President and CEO of Community Hospital, emphasizing the significance of volunteerism. Throughout 2023, these volunteers played a pivotal role in various hospital programs and initiatives, including Home Health and Hospice Care, the Community Hospital Health Foundation’s Annual Pro-Am and Concert for Healthcare, the Patient and Family Advisory Council, and Meals on Wheels, among others. Their tireless efforts and compassionate service have been instrumental in continuing the mission of the hospital, “Leading the region to a healthier future.”

The presentation of the esteemed Anne Morse Volunteer Award, a recognition reserved for individuals who embody the essence of compassion and selflessness in their volunteerism, was the highlight of this year’s luncheon. The 2024 recipients, George Huff and Mary Keslin-Huff were commended for their remarkable dedication to providing comfort, companionship, and support to hospice patients and their families.

George, a hospice volunteer since 1991, and Mary, a hospice volunteer for nearly six years, exemplify the highest standards of volunteerism. With their caring attitude and steadfast dedication, they cultivate an environment of comfort and reassurance, providing solace to those they look after.

The Anne Morse Award, named in honor of Ellen Marie Morse, a dedicated registered nurse and longstanding volunteer at Community Hospital who committed over 20,000 hours to volunteer service, recognizes individuals who demonstrate selflessness, dedication, inspiration, encouragement, and motivation in their service. Along with the award, a $1000 grant from Community Hospital Health Foundation was awarded to Community Healthcare and Hospice in honor of the recipients. The Anne Morse grant is made possible by an anonymous donor. The Morse winner’s names are commemorated on the Anne Morse Exemplary Volunteer Recognition Bust displayed at the hospital, immortalizing their legacy of compassionate care. “The outstanding service and dedication provided by George and Mary does not go unnoticed,” says Jessica Bortner, Community Hospital Health Foundation Director. “We are honored to be able to acknowledge them with this award, highlighting their commitment not only to Community Hospital but also to our patients.”

Community Healthcare and Hospice Director Barbie Long was in attendance to give the award to her long-time volunteers, saying, "George and Mary’s fun-loving and compassionate demeanors, as well as their soothing presence, create an atmosphere of warmth and solace, bringing peace to those in their care.” She went on to say, “Their tireless efforts in the face of adversity make them true beacons of light in the world of hospice care.”

The Volunteer Luncheon serves as a testament to the transformative power of love, kindness, and volunteerism in the healthcare community, showcasing the invaluable impact of individuals like George Huff and Mary Keslin-Huff in enhancing the lives of others.

Cutline: George Huff and Mary Keslin-Huff Receive Anne Morse Volunteer Award for Remarkable Dedication and Exemplary Hospice Service.